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Classic board games as indoor kids' games

Classic Board Games as Indoor Kids Games

If you are a parent who is encountering problems when thinking about indoor kids games that would keep your children in company during those bad weather days, brace yourself. Your favorite board games could fit the bill. Take a look at several classic board games. Maybe it is about time you introduce them to your children, if they are still not familiar about those. Such board games could be considered as classic as they have already stood the strenuous test of time.

Here are five of the classic board games that have successfully transcended from generation to generation. Many people hold these games dear to their own hearts. It is about time you introduce them to your children as their new indoor kids games.

Chess. This board games is considered as among the most popular. The game could be traced to as far back as the early 7th century. It is a strategy at its best. Chess is one board game that would make kids think, strategize, learn, and be scheming. Some children may not like the board game but others do. It is time you make them realize how chess could be more fun than expected.

Monopoly. One of the planets most popular board games get even more popular. This board game is played like purchasing property and real estate. You have to develop the acquisition and make sure opponents would lose their money long before you do. Monopoly has gone several versions and is now reaching out more to children. There are variations for kids like Disney editions, cat and dog edition, and deluxe editions. Kids would surely have a grand time.

Checkers. This is another of those popular board games that could be repackaged to be introduced as an indoor kids game. Almost everyone could recognize the classic black and red checkered playing board used in the game. Among all other board games, this one is considered the simplest and easiest to learn and to play. Checkered has been around since the 1500s, when people started playing with less interesting pieces.

Scrabble. This board game is another classic. Not surprisingly, it has diehard followers. You could be one of them. However, among all the usual board games, this one may not be readily appreciated by children. This is because the game might get a little nerdy. It involves widening of the vocabulary. The goal of the game is to outwit all players. Some kids may feel intimidated as the board game could test their ability to spell and find the right English words. Once children get a hang of it, they surely would be able to enjoy scrabble and win it.

Life. This board game is a relatively newer game compared to the others. It is designed to resemble real life. Children could go through making choices that could eventually affect what they do in life. It has plenty of options; each choice holds a promise of happiness and satisfaction. You could turn this board game into one of the popular indoor kids games that your children would love.


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